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Ceramic Hanging Piece # 19

Ceramic Hanging Piece # 19

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These unique hanging pieces are made with speckled stoneware clay; some pieces are left raw to showcase the natural beauty of the clay, while others are finished with a white satin glaze.  Some pieces are smooth and flat, and some are hand-pinched to give a rustic appeal.  All beads are handmade one by one and carved.

Each hanging piece is truly one of a kind and adorned with a serialized, numbered tag.

I first started making these pieces as a project to try something different.  They have quickly become very popular and a great way to add an original piece of artwork to a space.

** These pieces are difficult to take pictures that do them justice, but I wanted to have some photos that show some of the pieces up close.

#19 is made with a mix of raw and glazed pieces, most are raw with a few accents of satin white glaze

37” Long with hook to hang

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